One day, I woke up and realized I had been living in a prison my entire life. These stories are the
beginning of my awakening.
— Anto Ljoljic

At once unbearably raw and stunningly beautiful, If We Have No Peace is a collection of intertwining short stories about addiction and love, depression and hope, and loneliness and the struggle to embrace life. This is a confession of one man’s most shameful and heartbreaking moments, a framework of the lies and anger he used to conceal fear, and a testimony to the graceful patience of the Universe as he refused to absorb the message time and time again.

Ultimately, what he believed to be his greatest weakness turned out to be an astounding and liberating gift, but it took him begging for mercy to realize it.

Anto Ljoljic

Anto lives in California and spends his days writing, reading, and training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. At 33 years old (now 37) he told the truth for the first time and since then has wandered around the world searching for more methods of awakening. This book is part of a path that has led to one goal, one purpose, and that is to be of service.